Meet Netsuke - Storytellers of JapanCreative Wisdom were asked to design a catalogue for an exhibition of Netsuke for the Japanese Embassy in Washington D.C., as part of the 2017 National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. We also organised the printing in the UK and the results of the catalogue “Meet Netsuke – Storytellers of Japan” are stunning.

“The catalogues are so beautiful and I was moved to tears. Thank you, thank you!”
Yoko Tsuge, Embassy of Japan, Washington D.C.

“In the early summer of 2015, we first laid eyes on drawer after drawer of exquisite netsuke carefully stored away in one of the Smithsonian Museum’s vaults. That first moment was like opening the lid of a treasure chest to reveal precious jewels piled high – jewels made of Japanese culture condensed into a physical form. We wanted to show these beautiful, tiny sculptures, at times overflowing with humor and wit, to the world. And so began the planning for this exhibition, to help people know and understand Japan through netsuke.”

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