Branding & Logo Design

Well designed logos and an effective branding strategies to help your business reach your target audience

Our goal is for your brand to create impact, be remembered and stay recognised.  We look at how your logo, strapline and whole visual presence works together whatever the medium – print or digital. Logo design, identity design and branding all work together to form an image for your business, service or product.

Although a logo is only one of the elements of branding, it will most likely appear on the majority of touch points with customers, such as website, brochures, stationery, packaging, ads, uniforms, etc. A logo can therefore be considered as one of the main graphic elements that allow people to quickly identify your business, products or services. It will often be the first thing people will use to identify you. A well-designed logo allows people to quickly identify and recall your brand. It creates consistency over different communication channels, creating a professional image.

When combined, a well-designed logo and an effective branding strategy will help your business reach your target audience in an effective way.